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Working with Worms & Seed Bombs

Wednesday, June 21st 2023

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Esopus Public Library

In this interactive and activity-lead class for kids, participants will visit two stations where they will learn about making compost with worms, and about pollinators and how using finished compost can improve soil health.

Part 1: Composting Worms

Participants will hear a brief introduction about what is composting and why it is an important way of protecting our environment. Then, educators will guide students through an interactive reading of “Compost Stew” by author Mary McKenna Siddals. Participants will then be able to observe a live worm bin, identify worms at each stage of their lifecycle, learn about worm ecology, and learn how to compost indoors using a worm bin.

Part 2: Making Seed Bombs

At this station, participants will learn that our favorite fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and other foods rely on Pollinators. Pollinators pollinate 90% of all flowering plants, but studies have shown that their populations have been declining in recent decades. Participants will create seed balls, or seed bombs, which are small clusters of compost, clay, and wildflower seeds that are designed to add pollinator habitats to urban landscapes, neglected areas, or wherever you’d like! All craft materials will be provided.

This FREE workshop is suitable for children ages 7 and up, and parental supervision is advised.

Accessibility: The Library is fully wheelchair accessible. Our parking lot has four (4) parking spots with ‘improved accessibility’. Automatic doors at the main entrances, along with an elevator, provide access to the entire building. In the event that the elevator is out of order, patrons may enter and exit via the lower level entrance. All rooms have been labeled with Braille and utilities placed at easy to reach heights. The service desk is equipped with a laptop and MS Word that allows staff to communicate with patrons with hearing/speech disabilities. The language interpretation feature in MS Word also allows communication between staff and patrons who primarily speak a language other than English. The Town of Esopus Library staff will work with any community member to accommodate them to the best of their capabilities, and within the policies and procedures of the Library. All are welcome to our programs. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian of any particular child to help with the child’s participation and behavior.

UCRRA strives to offer equal program opportunities. Educational resources in Spanish are available by request. If you require any special accommodations or have questions about this program, please contact Tanesia White, Recycling Educator, at TWHI@UCRRA.ORG or 845-336-3336.

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