Yes, residents from any town or county may use the Agency’s facilities for trash disposal, or to utilize the electronics recycling program. No permit card or account is needed for residents to utilize the facility. However, the following policies should be noted:

VEHICLE POLICY – Small passenger cars such as four door sedans, hatchbacks, station wagons, sports cars, etc. can use UCRRA facilities on Saturday only – due to the high volume of commercial traffic during the week. This policy is approved by NYSDEC. Residents in vans, SUVs, pick-up trucks, dump trucks, or trailers have unrestricted access during the week.

TARP POLICY – All open vehicles must have their load covered with a secured tarp, per New York State Department of Environmental Conservation regulations. This rule applies to all non-enclosed vehicles disposing of trash at either of the Agency’s transfer stations, regardless of the type of waste being transported or whether or not the waste is bagged. Open vehicles without a secured, covered tarp are subject to a fee.

RESIDENTAL RECYCLING – Residents may not use the UCRRA facilities for recycling plastic, glass, metal, paper, cardboard or to deliver food scraps for composting. Food scraps and recyclable materials are accepted from commercial businesses only.