Many people compost in their backyard without any pest problems whatsoever, but we recognize that attracting animals can be a concern. Check out these helpful Fact Sheets linked below, and we will briefly summarize some of the best tips we’ve found.

  • Avoid meat, bones, dairy products and excessive amounts of cooked foods
  • Always cover food scraps with plenty of browns. Remember the composting recipe 3 browns :1 greens
  • Contain the pile, such as by covering it with a tarp held down by bricks or cinder blocks
  • Add chicken wire around the pile to deter burrowing animals
  • Get a compost bin with a locking lid
  • Do not locate your pile near bird feeders or other things that attract animals

Compost Education Center Factsheet-18-Vermin-Resistance

Cornell Waste Mgmt. Institute – Fact Sheet – Avoiding Nuisances