A New Leadership Structure Is Coming to the Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency (RRA)

April 29 2022 Submitted by the UCRRA Board of Directors 

The Board of Directors the Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency (RRA) is finalizing a plan suggested by current executive director Timothy DeGraff, whereby he returns to his previous position at the agency as Controller, with additional administrative responsibilities, and with new title that reflects expanded duties: Director of Finance and Administration. The RRA Board will undertake a search for a new Executive Director. DeGraff will serve as Acting Executive Director until the search is complete.

“I have decided to exercise the opt out clause in my contract, retain the responsibilities of the Controller position,” said DeGraff.  “Due to the level of detailed work needed for major projects the Agency will be undertaking, there are just not enough hours left in the day to fulfill both of my current job duties as Executive Director and Controller.”

New York State and Ulster County are facing some key decisions regarding the future of solid waste management in the next few years. DeGraff cited the need to develop deeper integration with Ulster County, its towns and villages and the city of Kingston, in creating or expanding programs such as composting and household hazardous waste management, and increasing recycling rates, all while continuing to effectively manage current sanitary disposal operations for roughly 150 thousand tons of trash annually. He says the agency can significantly reduce the amount of waste that is being trucked to landfills, but said it’s a tough assignment while trying to do two jobs. “The Agency deserves an Executive Director that can lend their full attention to both short and long term goals,” DeGraff said. 

The RRA board is finalizing the job descriptions and salary structure for DeGraff’s new position and also for the incoming Executive Director.  The new ED will be tasked with overseeing development and implementation of comprehensive solid waste management policies that will maximize diversion of usable items such as organic and recyclable material, process more household hazardous wastes, and minimize the amount that must be trucked to a landfill.  Currently the agency is trucking solid waste some 240 miles to the Seneca Meadows landfill.

The Board of the Agency wishes to express its gratitude to DeGraff for his service to the County, its residents, and its businesses, for his excellent work in the past, and for his willingness to continue to serve the Agency is difficult fiscal and administrative roles that require meticulous attention and care. Our thanks include full confidence that he will continue to fulfill these roles with great skill.

The Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency (UCRRA)’s mission is to protect public health and the environment and to promote sustainable materials management practices in Ulster County by efficiently managing solid waste materials with a focus on resource conservation. For over 30 years, the RRA has been developing and implementing sustainable waste management programs for Ulster County. UCRRA is a solid waste authority, public benefit corporation, and permitted solid waste facility with commercial Transfer Stations in Kingston and New Paltz, NY.

If you would like more information about the topic covered in this press release, please contact Mr. DeGraff at tdeg@ucrra.org