Automotive fluids are considered toxic substances that require special disposal.

Most automotive fluids are accepted at UCRRA’s Household Hazardous Waste events. UCRRA hosts collection events each year, open to Ulster County residents ONLY, and an appointment is required.

Businesses with hazardous waste should refer to our list of Hazardous Waste Removal Companies.

If the container is completely EMPTY, please check with your recycling service provider for instructions, though typically containers that once held hazardous substances are NOT recyclable.

PLEASE NOTE: MOTOR OIL IS NOT ACCEPTED AT HHW COLLECTIONS.  Under Article 23, Title 23 of the Environmental Conservation Law (ECL) (link leaves DEC’s website), any service establishment that sells at least 500 gallons per year of new oil and performs vehicle servicing must accept from the public, at no charge, up to 5 gallons of used oil per person per day. Retailers who don’t service vehicles but sell at least 1,000 gallons per year of new oil must either accept used oil from the public, as service establishments do, or contract to have another service or retail establishment accept it on their behalf. Some municipalities in New York State also collect DIY used oil as part of their Household Hazardous Waste Program.


Vaz-Co Reclaiming Service located at 10 Commercial Avenue in Highland, NY 12528, (845) 691-6246 accepts automotive fluids (including oil and antifreeze) and oil filters.

Contact:  UCRRA at (845) 336-0600 or residents may sign up for an HHW event, or contact your Town Transfer Station. Businesses with large quantities may contact a hazardous waste removal company.