Most computer equipment including laptop, desktop, monitors, keyboards, pointing devices, small scale servers, etc. is accepted in UCRRA’s electronics recycling program.

Electronics are accepted for FREE at the Main Office in Kingston on SATURDAYS ONLY (April-November) from 8AM-2PM. The program is open to residents, regardless of Ulster County residency status. The program is also open to businesses with less than 50 employees and nonprofit organizations with less than 75 employees. For large quantities, please contact the Main Office Monday-Friday from 7:30am-3:30pm at (845) 336-0600. Learn more about what is acceptable for electronic recycling.


Some town transfer stations may also accept Electronics for recycling.  Electronics retailers, such as Best Buy, Staples, Brainstorm Computers, Hudson River Technologies, etc. may also accept certain devices for recycling.

For commercial businesses or large quantities please contact ERI (Electronics Recyclers International) at 800-374-3473; eLot Electronics Recycling, Inc. at 855-253-9027; ERSI Electronics Recycling and Scrapping, Inc. at (518) 649-9500 or EWaste at 888-563-1340.

Contact: UCRRA at (845) 336-0600, local Town Transfer Station or electronics retailers.