Fluorescent and HID (High-Intensity Discharge) Lamps contain Mercury. When broken, incinerated, or buried in a landfill, they release mercury into the air, water and soil and endanger human health and the environment.

NYS Hazardous Waste Regulations ensure many environmental protections are in place and require safe disposal for large quantities of fluorescent lamps. In NYS, residents (small quantity generators) are exempt from these laws. Despite this, UCRRA encourages all businesses and households to responsibly recycle their mercury-containing lamps.

Fluorescent light bulbs are accepted at UCRRA’s Household Hazardous Waste events. UCRRA’s collection events are open to Ulster County residents ONLY, and an appointment is required. Some restrictions may apply (NO MORE THAN 24 BULBS PER HOUSEHOLD IS ACCEPTED). 

UCRRA accepts Fluorescent light bulbs during normal business hours. If brought to UCRRA for recycling, our minimum load fee and a fluorescent lamp fee will apply. Click here for UCRRA’s Fee Schedule.

Please DO NOT put lightbulbs in the recycling bin.

There are some best practices that homeowners can use to protect themselves from broken lightbulbs:

  • Carefully handle lamps when removing, installing or storing these bulbs to avoid breakage.
  • Keep new bulbs in their original packaging until needed. Place used bulbs in rigid containers, like cardboard boxes and store away from areas where the box may be knocked over or crushed.
  • Bring bulbs for recycling (where applicable) when you don’t need them anymore; avoid holding on to bulbs longer than necessary.


Residents may contact their local Town Transfer Station to ask about bulb disposal, and fees may apply.

Local home improvement stores (Lowes, etc.) may accept CFL bulbs, and fees may apply.

Eastern State Electrical Supply in Kingston at (845) 331-8500 will accept all fluorescent bulbs (including long tubes) for a fee.

For large quantity generators (businesses, schools, etc.) contact American Lamp Recycling at (845) 896-0058.

Contact: UCRRA at (845) 336-0600, or sign up for an HHW event, or contact your Town Transfer Station. Local home improvement stores (Lowes, Home Depot, etc.). Eastern State Electrical Supply in Kingston at (845) 331-8500. American Lamp Recycling at (845) 896-0058.