DO NOT place plastic bags or film plastics in your recycling bin!

Bring all plastic bags to a local grocery store or a large retail outlet; collection location boxes are usually located near bottle/can redemption centers or in front of stores.

Plastic films include:  bread bags, sandwich bags, produce bags, newspaper bags, dry cleaning bags, bubble wrap, packing pillows, shrink wrap from toilet paper/paper towels, etc. All of these film plastics can be recycled in with your other plastic bags!

Not sure if a film is acceptable or not? When in doubt try the stretch test. If the plastic material stretches when pulled apart, it’s the right type of film plastic for this recycling program.

*Even though plastic bags are banned statewide, the requirements of New York State’s Plastic Bag Reduction, Reuse and Recycling Act still apply to grocery/retail stores. Learn more about these laws or learn more about PLASTIC BAG RECYCLING FOR CONSUMERS.

Contact: If a grocery store is not offering film plastics for recycling, please contact the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation at 518-402-8706 or email with any questions or compliance concerns.